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We provide towing and assistance services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Prices from 1.000 CZK for towing. Call NON STOP +420 722 123 425

Non Stop Towing

We provide towing in accidents, vehicle breakdowns or rescue of crashed vehicles after an accident. We provide assistance services. We solve starting problems with jump leads, fuel import, tire replacement or minor road repairs. We provide transport of the replacement vehicle to the place of failure or accident. We will take your car, SUV, motorcycle, quad, caravan or other load. We help drivers on the road 24 hours a day.

If you are interested we can buy your vehicle.

Our services

For several years we have been providing professional, high-quality and fast services. Let’s try it with us.

Towing service

Non-stop car towing around and surroundings Prague in the case of accidents or car breakdowns. We ensure the loading of the vehicle and its transport to the chosen place in the shortest time without unnecessary waiting.

Assistance services

In the case of a vehicle breakdown or it has accident, we provide towing and temporary storage. We arrange the arrival of the service worker and repair of the broken vehicle on the spot. We deliver you fuel or spare vehicle.

Road services

We arrange the arrival of the service car for the breakdown vehicle. Common defects on your vehicle will be fixed by a service technician on site. Common defects are: discharged battery, damaged tires, leaking operating fluid or unlocking the vehicle.

Ecological disposal

Ecological disposal of vehicles and wrecks in Prague and Stredocesky county. Issuance of an ecological disposal protocol, which is necessary for excluding from the registration of motor vehicles.

Car service

We provide repairs and servicing of all types of cars, including oil change, filters, including fast provision of all spare parts.

Car preparation for STK

Is the technical inspection on your vehicle expiring? Do you have no time to solve the problem or are you not sure about the technical condition of the car? Leave it to us! We will prepare your vehicle for technical inspection and we will do it for you.

Rental Cars

In the case of a breakdown or your need, we rent cars, trailers or low loaders.

Buying of cars and crash cars

Buying vehicles is an additional service for the environmentally disposal of vehicles or for the purpose of securing spare parts. If you are interested to offer the spare parts from your car to us, fill in the form below or call us.

Our achievements

Our achievements are our best references. We have been on the market for more than 15 years. We regularly change our fleet according to the required standards to meet the technical parameters and safety of the ride.

Towing after a crash

The vehicle had damaged the entire left axle after the crash.


Satisfied customers
thumb_01_60_60 Pavel


“I damaged the wheel by the curb, so I called a non-stop towing. They came within 20 minutes and towed my car. They got a replacement disk and repaired my wheel. Fast and fair dealing. I definitely recommend!”


“I found out in my service that the towing within the city costs two thousand crowns. So I called the nonstop towing and saved even more.”


“I bought a beautiful veteran but I didn’t want to go a long way with its. Non-stop towing came quickly. I appreciate the fast, professional approach and the favorable price for towing.”


“Thank you for the quick and professional approach of the technician at the weekend when my car broken down and I needed the towing”

Contact us

We are here for you 24 hours a day. Call NON-STOP service +420 722 123 425

Towing services are provided by:

mdpn s.r.o.

Ohnivcova 18/1333

147 00 Praha 4

IČ:01584413 DIČ:CZ01584413

Registered in OR at MS in Prague, section C, insert 207590.

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